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Christian Country Diamond Awards

Christian Country Diamond Awards
Christian Country Diamond Awards

Pigeon Forge, TN  – SGN Scoops has just announced that this year at Christian Country Expo, for the first time, the Christian Country Diamond Awards will be presented! Coastal Media is excited to see the growth of this genre and due to the explosion of artists and fans, we are thrilled to be able to celebrate these award recipients separately from the Southern Gospel Diamond Award presentation at Creekside Gospel Music Convention. The nominations are now open so vote today at this link:HERE
Everyone is invited to the website to enter the Nominations area and list their top three favorite picks for each Christian Country Diamond Award category. Vote HERE.
The Christian Country Diamond Awards are completely voter-driven, starting with nominations, from which the Top Ten lists are posted, allowing voters to select their three favorites in each category.
That will bring us to the Top Five lists, allowing voters to select their three choices to bring us one winner of the 2016 Christian Country Diamond Award in each category.
Artists and industry personnel are also invited to vote and to encourage their friends and fans to vote as well!
Vote today HERE
Be sure to make your plans to attend the Christian Country Expo 2016 at Pigeon Forge TN, August 15th through 18th.
Ticket information at http://www.christiancountryexpo.com/ VIP tickets are also available. Call Rob Patz at 360-933-0741 to reserve your VIP spot. Christian Country artists that would like to be involved, please contact Vonda Easley at 256-310-7892. Contact Salina Clay for hotel reservations at hotels@sgnscoops.com or call her at 256-239-7716. Like us on Facebook and be sure to check there for all the information! https://www.facebook.com/christiancountryexpo/

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Chuck Day named Christian Country Living Legend at Christian Country Expo

Chuck Day named Christian Country Living Legend at Christian Country Expo
Chuck Day named Christian Country Living Legend at Christian Country Expo

Pigeon Forge, TN  – The Christian Country Expo continues today at the Smoky Mountain Resort in Pigeon Forge, TN. The Expo has already welcomed many great Christian Country artists such as Marty Raybon, T Graham Brown and Chris Golden. Last night during the concert, a special announcement was made to honor Chuck Day, an artist who has made his mark in Christian Country, Gospel and Country music. Rob Patz of SGN Scoops, one of the sponsors of the event, awarded Chuck Day with the 2015 Christian Country Living Legend Diamond Award.

The SGN Scoops’ Diamond Awards are traditionally presented in November during the Creekside Gospel Music Convention. A decision was made this year to begin to view the Diamond Awards celebrations as two separate events. For the award year of 2014-15, currently being voted upon, the Diamond Awards will remain as they have been in the past, with all Southern Gospel, Christian Country and Bluegrass Gospel awards being announced during the awards gala on November 3, 2015.

For the award year of 2015-16, the Christian Country and Bluegrass Gospel will be presented during the 2016 Christian Country Expo. The date and time of the 2016 Christian Country Expo will be announced at a later date.

Chuck Day has written and co-written more than 16 number-one songs in the Christian and Country genres. He has had songs recorded by such names as: Gold City, Clay Cross, Michael English, Brooklyn Tabernacle Choir, The Hoppers, Rebecca St. James, Barry Wayne, Bob Carlisle, and more. Chuck and his brother Greg Day co-wrote the beloved anthem, “Midnight Cry,” made popular by Ivan Parker and Gold City, among others.

This award-winning musician and vocalist has traveled extensively with his family in his early years, as a soloist and also with Country music artists including Freddy Fender, Marty Haggard and others. Chuck now tours throughout the United States and the world, singing Christian Country. He holds both a Doctorate of Theology degree and a Doctorate of Divinity while also practicing as an ordained minister.

To begin this transition, a new award was created, entitled “Christian Country Living Legend,” in order to honor the pioneers and visionaries who have helped to make the Christian Country genre what it is today. The winner of this award for 2015 is Chuck Day.

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