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Chuck Day Will Be At Christian Country Expo

Chuck Day Will Be At Christian Country Expo
Chuck Day Will Be At Christian Country Expo

Christian Country Expo is excited that Chuck Day will be with us August 15th – 18th For Christian Country Expo in Pigeon Forge Tn. Here is some info about Chuck.

Chuck made his first recording project when he was just 12 years old. Before he was 18 he had recorded 4 albums with his family group, The Day Family at the legendary Happy Goodman Family Studios. Since then he has worked in several music genres. He traveled with several of the top Southern Gospel music groups as well as several Country bands including Freddy Fender, Marty Haggard and others. For several years Chuck traveled with his brother Greg and Gregs wife Heather as the Christian Country group The Days. The Days were regulars on The Trinity Broadcasting Networks, Praise the Lord program for 4 years. Chuck is one of todays top singer/songwriters and is a pioneer in the Christian Country/Country Gospel industry. He has written/co-written 9 Number 1 Songs in the Christian genre. He has had songs recorded by such names as, Gold City, Clay Cross, Michael English, Brooklyn Tabernacle Choir, The Hoppers, Rebecca St. James, Barry Wayne, Bob Carlisle, and many others. Midnight Cry is the most notable song that Chuck has written. Chuck penned this song in 1986 with his brother Greg. Since then it has been awarded Song of the Year by The Singing News Fan Awards at the National Quartet Convention, it was also named Christian Music Song of the Decade, and in 2000 was named one of the Top 20 Christian Music Songs of the Century. Recently Chuck received an award for Midnight Cry being one of the most recorded songs in the history of all of Christian music. Chuck records for NewStep Records and tours throughout the United States and the world. His songs can be heard on Christian and Country radio stations in the U.S. and around the world. Chuck holds both a Doctorate of Theology degree and a Doctorate of Divinity. He is an Ordained Minister and was named a Kentucky Colonel in 2000 by Governor Paul Patton of Kentucky. Chuck received 2 RIAA Certified Gold Video Awards for 2 of the Bill Gaither Homecoming Videos. Chuck has received awards from the ICGMA (International Country Gospel Music Association) such as Entertainer of the Year, Songwriter of the Year, Male Vocalist of the Year, Songwriter of the Decade and was inducted into the ICGMA Hall of Fame in 2000. Chuck proudly endorses Martin Guitars, Cedar Creek Custom Cases, Jerry Dunn Custom Tele’s, Walker Amps, Lampifier Mics and The Country Music Store, Texarkana, TX

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A Look Back Christian Country Expo

Christian Country Expo
Christian Country Expo

Pigeon Forge TN –  The Christian Country Expo at Pigeon Forge Tennessee, came to a close on Thursday, August 27 before an IMG_8188appreciative audience.  The

The morning showcases were full of talented artists and terrific music. Several of the lovely ladies of Christian Country graced the stage again. Lindsay Huggins, Tina Wakefield, Sharron Kay King, Robin Springs, Ava Kasich, Jan Harbuck, Ty Hodges, Gail Cogburn, Kelly Coberly, were among some of the many singers the audience had the pleasure of hearing on Thursday. The daytime and evening concerts again featured artists such as Chris Golden, Kevin Rowe, The McKay Project,  Tommy Brandt and Tommy Brandt II, The Schoefields, The Branscombs, Jim Sheldon, Steve Shirey and a stage full of artists during the opening.


Christian Country Expo presented many IMG_8223of the Christian Country artists that are hitting the charts and bringing in new audiences to this style of music. CCE 2015 thanks each and every one for sharing their heart and soul all week. You have blessed us!

Thanks again to Firehouse Subs, sponsors of the pre-concert jam session, and all of the sponsors for Christian Country Expo!

We hope our readers enjoy these pictures of artists that appeared on Thursday and  that everyone will make plans now to attend Christian Country Expo 2016 which will include the brand-new Christian Country Diamond Awards. Keep watching the Christian Country Expo Facebook

Chuck Day named Christian Country Living Legend at Christian Country Expo

Chuck Day named Christian Country Living Legend at Christian Country Expo
Chuck Day named Christian Country Living Legend at Christian Country Expo

Pigeon Forge, TN  – The Christian Country Expo continues today at the Smoky Mountain Resort in Pigeon Forge, TN. The Expo has already welcomed many great Christian Country artists such as Marty Raybon, T Graham Brown and Chris Golden. Last night during the concert, a special announcement was made to honor Chuck Day, an artist who has made his mark in Christian Country, Gospel and Country music. Rob Patz of SGN Scoops, one of the sponsors of the event, awarded Chuck Day with the 2015 Christian Country Living Legend Diamond Award.

The SGN Scoops’ Diamond Awards are traditionally presented in November during the Creekside Gospel Music Convention. A decision was made this year to begin to view the Diamond Awards celebrations as two separate events. For the award year of 2014-15, currently being voted upon, the Diamond Awards will remain as they have been in the past, with all Southern Gospel, Christian Country and Bluegrass Gospel awards being announced during the awards gala on November 3, 2015.

For the award year of 2015-16, the Christian Country and Bluegrass Gospel will be presented during the 2016 Christian Country Expo. The date and time of the 2016 Christian Country Expo will be announced at a later date.

Chuck Day has written and co-written more than 16 number-one songs in the Christian and Country genres. He has had songs recorded by such names as: Gold City, Clay Cross, Michael English, Brooklyn Tabernacle Choir, The Hoppers, Rebecca St. James, Barry Wayne, Bob Carlisle, and more. Chuck and his brother Greg Day co-wrote the beloved anthem, “Midnight Cry,” made popular by Ivan Parker and Gold City, among others.

This award-winning musician and vocalist has traveled extensively with his family in his early years, as a soloist and also with Country music artists including Freddy Fender, Marty Haggard and others. Chuck now tours throughout the United States and the world, singing Christian Country. He holds both a Doctorate of Theology degree and a Doctorate of Divinity while also practicing as an ordained minister.

To begin this transition, a new award was created, entitled “Christian Country Living Legend,” in order to honor the pioneers and visionaries who have helped to make the Christian Country genre what it is today. The winner of this award for 2015 is Chuck Day.

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A Keurig Kind of Blessing

A Keurig Kind of Blessing
A Keurig Kind of Blessing

A Keurig Kind of Blessing By Leslie McKay

In my opinion, the hottest trend and the neatest invention in the coffee world has been the Keurig coffee maker. I think most everyone knows what a Keurig is and what it does. However, we haven’t bought a Keurig coffee maker or any version of the Keurig. We are “pot drinkers” and always have been.  We drink a lot of coffee and our 14 year old daughter, Mary Katherine, knows we like coffee…a lot. I want to share something that happened around the Christmas holidays that I am calling “A Keurig kind of blessing”.

During the pre-Christmas hustle and bustle as we were out shopping, Mary Katherine would often see a Keurig and say, “Mom, y’all need to get a Keurig” or “Mom, they have Keurigs on sale”. To which I would reply, “We drink too much coffee for a Keurig, but it would be nice for tea and hot chocolate or a cup of coffee on the go”. She has always thought it would be awesome to have a Keurig. We would be cool. After all, even Mamaw and Papaw have a Keurig.

A few days before Christmas, Dennis and I attended my work Christmas party for Exceed Technologies. We always play the gift exchange game called “Dirty Santa” and there are some awesome gifts. If you have played the game you know it is a mix of “stealing” gifts from others or opening a wrapped gift and there are limits to

the number of times a Keurig1gift can be “stolen”, etc.  This year, my turn in the game didn’t happen until close to the end and you guessed it…there was a Keurig mini that had been opened and it was alive for the taking.  So, I “stole” it.

When I got the Keurig, my thoughts immediately went to Mary Katherine. As we were waiting for the game to end, I took a picture of the box and text it to her with the caption, “Look what I got!”

She was very excited and mentioned it being fate, but I responded with “A blessing”. Keurig2She text back, “God wanted us to have it”. I reminded her that He cares about the details and even the “small” things.

For MK, it was clear to her that God worked that out. To me, it was so cool because He showed himself to my daughter in a real, tangible and yet unexpected way.  To many that may seem like a trivial thing because we get so caught up in our “big” problems or wants related to “adult and more mature” situations, but to a 14 year old girl (and to me), that was an unexpected blessing straight from God the Father.  My mind keeps going back to that scripture in Matthew that says, “ If you, then, though you are evil, know how to give good gifts to your children, how much more will your Father in heaven give good gifts to those who ask him! – Matthew 7:11.

It just shows that our God is not far away and He is not too busy to know us and care about us in all things….even taking time to give us a “Keurig kind of blessing”.